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Program Director

Pennie Liebig
Program Coordinator

IGERT Program in Genomics
University of Arizona
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IGERT Recruitment Program



Visiting scientists and symposia are important elements of our program. We host a day-long symposium each year featuring 3-5 invited speakers who are major contributors in the fields of functional genomics, computational developments, and/or evolutionary theory. The theme of these meetings varies annually to include a wide variety of research topics thus more fully representing the different core areas of our IGERT while still promoting focused group interactions centered on key new research areas. These symposia remain relatively small in size to encourage in depth interaction between IGERT students and visiting speakers. Many of our students have identified prospective post-doctoral mentors through these interactions.

Each meeting includes a poster session in which students present their research from individual projects, or from group projects undertaken as part of the IGERT courses. These poster sessions provide a stimulating environment for discussions and feedback between students and visiting scientists.

Genomics and Gene Expression Symposium
April 26, 2013
10:30 am - 4:00 pm
Marriott University Park Hotel

Patricia Wittkopp, University of Michigan
"Genomic sources of regulatory variation: from mutation to polymorphism to divergence"

Rachel Brem, University of California, Berkeley
"Pathway regulatory evolution in fungi"

Christina Richards, University of South Florida
"Understanding mechansims of response to novel and changing environments"

Jenny Tung, Duke University
"Social regulation of gene expression in captive and wild primates"

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