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IGERT Recruitment Program



Population Genomics Symposium (Download flyer)
April 27, 2012 Marriott University Park Hotel

Rasmus Nielsen, University of California, Berkeley: "Inferring selection and demography from new generation sequencing data"

Stephen Wright, University of Toronto: "Population genomics of plate mating system and ploidy evolution"

Thomas Turner, University of California, Santa Barbara: "Mapping quantitative traits in Drosophila: Combining artificial selection and genome-wide association to find the genes affecting behavior"

John Taylor, University of California, Berkeley: "Fungal population genomics: Introgression and adaptation"

Genomics of Adaptation and Domestication Symposium (Download flyer)
May 4, 2011, Marriott University Park Hotel

Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Duke University: "Local environments maintain genetic variation in an ecological model system"

Sergey Nuzhdin, University of Southern California: "Systems biology of genetic variation"

Michael Purugganan, New York University: "The nature of plant domestication: Views from genomics to archaeology"

Robert Wayne, University of California, Los Angeles: "Genome wide studies of the dog and related species"

Genomics of Species Interactions Meeting
April 30, 2010, Marriott University Park Hotel

Monica Medina, University of California Merced: "Genomic approaches to the study of the coral holobiont"

Noah Whiteman, University of Arizona: Delicious poison: Genomics of host specialization in herbivorous insects"

John McCutcheon, University of Arizona: "Extreme genomic features and convergent evolution in bacterial symbionts of insects"

Justin Sonnenburg, Stanford University: "Investigations of intestinal residents in vivo to gain insight into microbiota function"

Deep Genomics Meeting
May 6, 2009, Marriott University Park Hotel

John Archibald, Dalhousie University: "The eukaryotic Tree of Life: endosymbiosis takes its TOL"

Jeremiah Hackett, University of Arizona: "Exceptional genome evolution in the dinoflagellates"

Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University: "Harnessing genomics for evolutionary insights"

Debashish Bhattacharya, University of Iowa: "Ancient and more recent origins of photosynthesis in eukaryotes"

NSF-IGERT Program in Genomics Spring Symposium
May 2, 2007, Arizona Inn

Michael Sanderson, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Phylogenomics in angiosperms"

Amanda Durbak, IGERT student, Plant Sciences: "Forward functional genomics reveals a new mechanism for fruit organ patterning"

Chris Bauer, IGERT student, Molecular and Cellular Biology: "Relating mutant phenotypes to changes in gene expression"

Jeremiah Hackett, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Endosymbiosis and genome evolution: Plastid gains, losses and robbery on the high seas"

NSF-IGERT Program in Genomics Fall Symposium
December 6, 2006, Arizona Inn

Elizabeth Vierling, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics: "Chaperones and other components of the plant response to stress"

Travis Wheeler, IGERT Student, Computer Science: "Opal: Forming and polishing multiple alignments by optimally aligning subalignments"

Erin Kelleher, IGERT Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Rapid evolution and radiation of digestive proteases in Drosophila female reproductive tracts"

Carlos Machado, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Genomics of species divergence in Drosophila"

Genomics of Closely Related Organisms Meeting
January 12-14, 2006, Marriott University Park Hotel

Jeffrey Bennetzen, University of Georgia: "Tempest in a Zea plot: sound and fury in the cereal genome"

David Haussler, University of California Santa Cruz: "Ultraconserved elements, living fossil transposons, distal enhancers, and mysterious RNA genes: reconstructing the detailed evolutionary history of the human genome"

Philip Hugenholtz, Lawrence Berkeley Joint Genome Institute: "Population structure derived from metagenomic datasets"

Austin Hughes, University of South Carolina: "Using genome comparisons to study natural selection and recombination"

Richard Jorgensen, University of Arizona: "Evolutionary diversification of the chromatin proteome and the paragenetic function of chromosomes"

Peter Keightley, University of Edinburgh: "Estimating genome-wide mutation rates in C. elegans and D. melanogaster"

Bruce Lahn, University of Chicago: "Probing the genetic basis of human brain evolution"

Manyuan Long, University of Chicago: "Chimera as a model: The rate and pattern of new gene originations in Drosophila and mammals"

Kateryna Makova, Pennsylvania State University: "Male mutation bias in the age of genomics: Who should be in the driver's seat?"

Nancy Moran, University of Arizona: "Comparative genomics of bacterial endosymbionts"

Elaine Ostrander, National Institutes of Health: "Mapping complex traits in the domestic dog"

Svante Paabo, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig: "An ape view of the human genome"

Eduardo Rocha, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France: "Order and disorder in bacterial genomes"

Joana Silva, The Institute for Genomic Research: "Exploring the world of close relatives for correlates of selective constraint"

Patricia Wittkopp, University of Michigan: "Genetic basis of expression differences within and between species"

Mariana Wolfner, Cornell University: "Relatives' differences: functions and evolution of Drosophila seminal proteins"

NSF-IGERT Program in Genomics Spring Symposium
May 4, 2005, Marriott University Park Hotel

David Gang, Assistant Professor, Plant Sciences: "Using 'omics' to investigate medicinal and aromatic plant metabolism"

Patrick Degnan, IGERT Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: "Genome scan of an aphid symbiont suggests pathogenicity genes have been co-opted for endosymbiosis and defense"

Celine Hayden, IGERT Fellow, Plant Sciences: "Conservation of upstream open reading frames between rice and Arabidopsis: putative mediators of gene regulation in the 5' UTR"

Michael Worobey, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Viral evolutionary genomics: unveiling the origins and emergence of some of humanity's nastiest pathogens"

NSF-IGERT Program in Genomics Fall Symposium
December 8, 2004, Marriott University Park Hotel

Roy Parker, Regents Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology: "Life, death, and mid-life crisis of eukaryotic mRNAs"

Jeff Good, IGERT Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: "The evolution of male reproductive proteins in mice"

Michael Nodine, IGERT Fellow, Molecular and Cellular Biology: "TOADSTOOL1/2 are two closely-related receptor-like kinases required for Arabidopsis embryo development"

Nancy Moran, Regents Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: "Genomics of symbiotic bacteria"

Evolutionary Genomics Meeting
January 16-17, 2004, Marriott University Park Hotel

Steven Benner, University of Florida: "Paleophylogenomics. Joining the genomic record to the geological and paleontological records"

Joy Bergelson, University of Chicago: "Evolutionary interactions between plants and their pathogens"

Andy Clark, Cornell University: "Chimpanzee comparative genomics"

Laurent Duret, Université Claude Bernard: "Recombination drives the evolution of GC-content in the human genome"

Terry Gaasterland, Rockefeller University: "Comparing complete genomes from six strains of S. aureus"

Phil Green, University of Washington: "Patterns in the neutral evolution of mammalian DNA"

Evan Eichler, Case Western Reserve: "Recent duplication and evolution of the human genome"

Michael Eisen, University of California, Berkeley: "Evolution of gene expression and gene regulation in flies and fungi"

Jessica Kissinger, University of Georgia: "Horizontal and intracellular gene transfer in the Apicomplexa, a phylogenomic perspective"

Wen-Hsiung Li, University of Chicago: "Expression and functional divergences of duplicate genes at the genomic level"

Michael Lynch, Indiana University: "The origins of genome complexity"

Edward Marcotte, University of Texas: "Discovering protein function and interactions with comparative genomics"

Howard Ochman, University of Arizona: "Genomes as gene homes: the evolution of gene content in bacteria"

Julian Parkhill, The Sanger Institute: "Genome dynamics in bacterial pathogens"

Loren Rieseberg, Indiana University: "Hybridization and ecological divergence in annual sunflowers"

Christian Schlotterer, University of Vienna: "Hitchhiking mapping - a population genomics approach towards functional genomics"

Susan Wessler, University of Georgia: "Rice transposable elements: make new genes and change old"

NSF-IGERT Program in Genomics Spring Symposium
May 7, 2003, Windmill Inn at St. Philip's Plaza

Fernando Martinez, Professor, Pediatrics; Director, Arizona Respiratory Center: "Searching for polymorphisms in innate immunity genes: genome-environment interactions"

Heather Maughan, IGERT Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: "Genomic responses to divergent selection for development: An experimental approach with bacterial populations"

Bret A. Payseur, IGERT Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: "Genomic signatures of natural selection in humans"

Vicki L. Chandler, Professor, Plant Sciences and Molecular & Cellular Biology; Co-Director, Institute for Biomedical Science and Biotechnology: "Epigenetic control of gene expression: mechanisms and evolutionary implications"