Dr. Michael Sanderson
Program Director

Pennie Liebig
Program Coordinator

IGERT Program in Genomics
University of Arizona
Biosciences West. 328
1041 E. Lowell Street
Tucson, AZ 85721-0088
Tel: 520-626-0988
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IGERT Recruitment Program



All new IGERT Fellows are required to take the four classes listed below. A list of other classes in related areas is also provided. For more information, consult the requirements and guidelines for one-year fellows and two-year fellows.

1.   Functional and Evolutionary Genomics (ECOL/BIOC/MCB 553) - course website
2.   Functional and Evolutionary Genomics Lab (ECOL/BIOC/MCB 553L)
3.   Research in Genomics (ECOL/BIOC/MCB/PLS 696c) - Published papers from course projects
4.   Science, Society, and Ethics (MCB 695E)

Where appropriate, students are encouraged to take courses from pre-existing course-offerings in each of the three areas. Courses on specific topics are taught by faculty participants according to their area of expertise. The University of Arizona currently has a large number of relevant graduate course offerings, including the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

Evolutionary Genetics
Population Genetics (ECOL 526)
Analysis of Biological Diversification (ECOL 576)
Genome Evolution and Comparative Genomics (ECOL 576B)
Speciation (ECOL 525)
Phylogenetic Biology (ECOL 565)
Cooperation and Conflict in Evolution (ECOL 596I)
Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics (ECOL 520)
Theoretical Population Genetics (ECOL 524)
Phylogenetic Inference (ECOL 597)

Functional Genomics
Human Genetics (GENE 533)
Plant Molecular Biology (PLS 510)
Nucleic Acid (BIOC 568)
Topics in Gene Regulation (BIOC 569)
Molecular Mechanisms of Development (MCB 555)
Proteins and Enzymes (BIOC 565)
Applied Molecular Genetics (BIOC 571)
Cell Regulation (MCB 572)
Advances in Mammalian Genetics (BIOC 574)
Biological Structure (BIOC 585)
Methods in Cell Biology and Genomics (PLS 539)
Plant Pathology (PLP 695B)
Advanced Genetics (PLS 627)
Concepts in Genetic Analysis (MCB 545)

Mathematical theory and biological computation
Bioinformatics and Genomic Analysis (ECOL 516)
Advanced Topics in Biological Statistics (ECOL 596Z)
Concepts in Genetic Analysis (MCB 545)
Computational Biology (CSC 650)
Principles of Programming Languages (CSC 520)
Statistics for Research (MATH 509)